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Welcome to the Zahal Shalom Fundraising Center.

Help us ensure that Zahal Shalom tours remain a gift to wounded veterans who we are forever indebted to for years to come. Your support is needed now more than ever to help us sustain our growing organization.

Welcome to the Zahal Shalom Fundraising Center.

Write to your friends, family and colleagues about our organization.

Sharing Zahal Shalom's mission and how it has personally impacted you is the best way to share with others the incredible work we do. We have found in the past that this kind of personal outreach is the #1 way to attract donors and create meaningful impact.

Our letters are designed to be sent to a variety of recipients. You can send them to your family, friends, or your colleagues/business partners.

Take this: Recently, a Zahal Shalom host sent one of the emails below to about 15 of his business partners. The direct result:

$10,000+ in cash donations

Now, imagine the collective impact we can have if more people send emails.

Check out one of our pre-written letters below and send them out:


of Bergen County

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