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Transformative experiences that change lives.

As the hallmark of Zahal Shalom, we bring a delegation of ten wounded IDF veterans to America each year to embark on a truly life-changing experience. Our community opens their homes and their hearts to welcome wounded Israeli Defense Force veterans that selflessly gave themselves to protect the state of Israel. We aim to show our gratitude for their service and show our support during their recovery and rehabilitation. Our fun, memorable and inspiring experiences in America uplift and strengthen our veterans. The program is designed to promote new senses of opportunity and foster lifelong bonds of love and support between our veterans and our community.

10 soldiers
hosted every year
2 weeks
to inspire, heal, and uplift
community hosts

Normal faces. Heroic stories.

Zahal Shalom is proud to celebrate and empower incredible IDF soldiers who dedicated themselves to protecting the State of Israel. Each delegation of veterans is diverse in terms of both their backgrounds and their stories, and we look forward each year to showing our gratitude to these incredibly brave, heroic, and selfless individuals.


Twelfth Veteran



Two weeks to inspire,

uplift and heal.


Our compassionate volunteers open their hearts and homes to forge lasting, life-changing relationships that support the veterans and their hopes for the future. Our program of cultural, educational, and social events enriches the lives of the veterans, promotes new senses of opportunity and fosters bonds of love and support.

2014 Delegation | Central Park

Tours & Sightseeing

The central aspect of our itinerary is touring and sightseeing throughout New York City, New Jersey and Washington D.C. These engaging experiences allow us to cultivate an atmosphere where the hardships of our veterans' injuries are alleviated by exciting and memorable activities.


At the epicenter of the Zahal Shalom experience are the relationships cultivated between our American families and our delegations. From tours to dinners to pool parties, our program is designed to create strong, long-lasting connections between our community and our veterans that extend far beyond the two weeks in America. The veterans allow us to gain new appreciations for their dedication to Israel and in return our hosts look forward to inviting them into their homes to enjoy the unique experience Zahal Shalom offers.

Isaac | 2018 Delegation

2018 Delegation | The Capital Building

Trip to Washington D.C.

Every year our veterans embark on a trip to Washington D.C. to meet with congressional leaders, committees, and high-profile officials to share their experiences as soldiers for the IDF. Through face-to-face talks, lunches and more, our personal gratitude is supplemented by meetings recognized by political leaders. In addition to tours of Capitol Hill and the Pentagon, veterans enjoy touring major Washington D.C. attractions that give insight into American history and culture.


Healing our veterans.

Uplifting our community.


Both our delegations and hosts join us for amazing trips, but they leave with life-changing experiences. Our programming inspires and uplifts veterans and community members alike, forming lifetime bonds of love and support that epitomize what Zahal Shalom is all about.

Yehuda | 2015 Delegation

"They change the lives of so many soldiers, myself included."

The Albalahs | Host Family

"We truly love them like family."

"Not only have we made lifelong friends in Israel, but also the most kindest and generous in NJ."

The Goldsteins | Buddy Family

"Countries, oceans and many miles separate us physically, but we are forever a family."

Tali | 2010 Veteran

Orli | 2011 Delegation

"The program caused me to be born again."

The Kornblits | Host Family

"Zahal Shalom has enriched our lives and given purpose and meaning to our Jewish experience."

"The Zahal Program is a unique and extraordinary way to bring Israel closer to all of us."

The Franks | Buddy Family

"Although we were with you for just two weeks the memory will last forever.

Roi | Veteran

Efrat | Veteran

"It was like in a fairy tale and I cannot thank you all enough."

The Zonreichs | Host Family

"It’s an unbelievable feeling of connection that is difficult to put into words."

"I will never forget those happy days; I felt that I was living the American dream."

Yoram | Veteran

"For me this amazing opportunity was a once in a lifetime adventure."

Ori | 2015 Delegation

Thousands of people. One community.

The Storybook brings together inspiring stories of those who have been changed by Zahal Shalom throughout the years. Explore our archive of thousands of community members, spanning over 10 years, that helps us define why Zahal Shalom's programming is so inspiring, uplifting, and life-changing.


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