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Come for a tour. Leave with a life changing experience.


A gift for your service.

Every year, Zahal Shalom invites delegations of wounded IDF veterans to America to embark on two-week tours in and around New York City. With these trips, we aim to express our gratitude for the service and dedication of our heroes who were injured during the time in the IDF. The trips are completely free for veterans—we pay for and cover round-trip airfare, housing, meals, transportation, and daily activities.


Uplifting for you.

Inspiring for us.

Our delegations share there experience with Jewish families in America. Through day trips, dinners, and parties, veterans and hosts develop long-lasting bonds that extend far beyond the two-weeks. Our local hosts are proud to host the veterans to express their gratitude for their service, and we hope that in return veterans are uplifted with the solidarity developed with our host families.


Incredible experiences to empower our veterans.

Our tours offer unparalleled opportunities for veterans. With host families by their side, veterans will explore the best New York City and Washington D.C. have to offer. Some experiences past delegations have enjoyed include riding in the Celebrate Israel Parade on motorcycles, meeting members of Congress in Washington, watching Broadway shows, visiting the top of the Empire State Building, celebrating on rooftop bars in Manhattan, and coming together for pool parties at host families' homes.

Countries, oceans and many miles separate us physically, but we are forever a family. There are so many incredible people that work tirelessly to make these two weeks memorable. I am so blessed to have been apart of such a life changing experience.

Tali, 2018 Delegation Member


We want to learn more about you and your story. Your application will be brief and cover details about you, your injury, and the impacts it has had on your life.


Whether in-person with a Zahal Shalom representative in Israel or with a video-call with our Board in America, the interview allows us to get to know you personally.


If you're selected to join a Zahal Shalom delegation, you'll be invited to join a two week all-expense-paid trip in and around New York City that will change your life.

We're here to help.

Contact our International Recruitment office to learn more about Zahal Shalom and joining a delegation.

Have questions? We have the answers.

  • What is Zahal Shalom?
    Zahal Shalom is dedicated to healing and lifting the spirits of disabled Israel Defense Force veterans. Through our innovative programming and initiatives, we create life-changing experiences that inspire, uplift and heal wounded IDF veterans. In gratitude for their service and sacrifices for the State of Israel, we provide our support at no-cost to the veterans, allowing them to forget their troubles, worry and pain and emerge from their injuries inspired and motivated. The cultural, educational, and social events we offer enriches their lives, promotes a sense of new opportunities, and fosters bonds of love and support between them and our community.
  • Who is eligible to join a Zahal Shalom delegation?
    Zahal Shalom invites all men and women who were injured during their service in the Israel Defense Forces to apply to join one of our delegations. We recognize that every veteran has a unique situation. The following applicant criteria are considered on a case-by-case basis: Ability to communicate easily in English Ability to walk and travel as part of a tour group, with or without walker/wheelchair Ability to be photographed and videographed for multimedia made available to the general public No participation in other free wounded veteran trips
  • This opportunity sounds too good to be true. What's the catch?
    There is no catch, no strings attached! You are under no obligation to Zahal Shalom, which finances and runs the tour for any future activities or financial obligations. We do this because we want to show our graittude for the immeasurable sacrifices wounded veterans make for Israel.
  • Who has gone on Zahal Shalom tours?
    Over 500 wounded Israel Defense Force veterans from all over Israel have joined Zahal Shalom delegations. Our participants hail from Northern to Southern Israel and come from all Jewish religious backgrounds and degrees of travel experience.
  • How are Zahal Shalom tours funded?
    Zahal Shalom is funded by private donors and philanthropists around the world. We raise the funds needed to invite our delegations thanks to thousands of donors each year who want to ensure that Zahal Shalom tours remain a gift to wounded veterans who we are forever indebted to for years to come.
  • What is the application process to join a Zahal Shalom delegation?
    Our application process is broken down into three stages: The Preliminary Application: Eligible veterans interested in joining a delegation are first required to submit a Preliminary Application. This will allow us to collect basic information about the applicants background, service, and injury. This information will be sent to our International Recruitment office who will decide if the applicant will be invited for an interview. The Interview: Veterans will then be invited for an interview either in-person with a Zahal Shalom representative in Israel or via video-call with an International Recruitment committee in America. The interview will allow us to gain more insight on the veteran, their story, and who they are as a person. This greater depth will allow us to better evaluate if their a good fit for our organazation. The Decision: After the interview, candidates will finally be evalueted by Zahal Shalom's Executive Board in America. If chosen, the applicant will be invited to join a Zahal Shalom all-expense-paid-for trip in America!
  • How do I submit an application?
    Zahal Shalom only accepts applications online at We do not accept any solicitation through phone, email, fax or our social channels.
  • I submitted my application but have not heard back yet. Is that an issue?
    After submitting the preliminary application, it typically takes us 4-8 weeks to process your information, depending on the time of year it is sent. If it has been more than 8 weeks and you have not recieved a response beyond your initial confirmation email, please contact for more information on the status of your application.
  • Can I contact Zahal Shalom with a question regarding my application?
    Of course! We are committed to partnering with our veterans during the review process. Our International Recruitment team is available at to answer any questions you may have during the application process.
  • What do you do during the two week trip?
    Our tours offer a wide array of incredible opportunities for you to explore the best the New York City and Wahsington D.C. has to offer. While we do not release itineraries for security purposes, here's a mix of experiences that our recent delegations have enjoyed: Riding in the Celebrate Israel Parade on motorcycles Watching Broadway shows Celebrating on rooftop bars in Manhattan Meeting congressional leaders in Washington D.C. Touring the Pentagon Visiting Times Square and many neighborhoods in New York City Boat rides in the Hudson River Pool parties at the homes of our local Jewish community
  • Where do veterans stay?
    Our host committee pairs veterans with local Jewish hosts in the New York City area who host the delegation members during their two week trip. While the majority of trip itineraries consist of activities and experiences that are done as a group, veterans spend some down-time on the weekends with their hosts. (When the delegation takes a brief overnight trip to Washington D.C., hotel accomodations are arranged.)
  • What airport do the tours leave from?
    Veterans depart from Tel Aviv International Airport (TLV) and typically fly into Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR).
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  • Will Zahal Shalom be able to accomodate my walker/wheelchair?
    As an orgnanazation devoted to wouned veterans, Zahal Shalom is dedicated to ensuring that our program is accessible for veterans with all types of disabilities. All types of assisted walking devices are accomodated.

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